ISBN:  978-1-6184-5315-0

Release Date October 21, 2014

Published By: Beau to Beau Publishing


It was a brilliant plan, a group of guys pooling their money to rent a small house on a rundown property. The landlord was a genius to put Greg Forrest in charge, offering him a place to stay in exchange for fixing up the place. What could possibly go wrong? The man is an army veteran who surely wouldn’t tolerate foolishness. But the landlord didn’t know Greg as well as he thought. Keeping a secret side of the house for his own purposes, Greg introduces each of the guys, one by one, and unknown to the others, to a world of pure pleasure, and he has no intention of letting any of them know about his liaisons with the others. Amid the parties and mayhem, fun is had and couples are formed, but a surprise visitor from Greg’s past may mean a change in the house rules.






ISBN:  978-1-6184-5294-8

Release Date July 30, 2014

Published By: Beau to Beau Publishing


With his sights set on a bright red sports coupe, Jack pulls into Happy Jack's Used Car Lot hoping to get a good trade-in for his old clunker, Junior, and encounters a very persistent salesman who convinces him to buy a van. Unsure of his decision at first, Jack quickly finds that the van is much more than transportation. For him and his friends, the less than impressive looking vehicle becomes their wheels of fortune!






ISBN:  978-1-6184-5278-8

Release Date May 08, 2014

Published By: Beau to Beau Publishing


"You're invited to a murder," the invitation read. Dennis immediately calls 1-800-2 DIE FOR to confirm his acceptance of a weekend in the Poconos, a gift from his friend, Jason. He smiles at his excitement about the affair. Cast in the role of handyman for the weekend, he is certain that he can find something in every cabin in need of a little 'maintenance.' The murder mystery weekend is an all gay event that wouldn't be complete without a few pesky drag queens thrown into the mix of singles and couples. Everything is all fun and games, until the night of the murder when a real murder occurs, making everyone in attendance a suspect.





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Autum - 2014


Duncan More has switched publishers and all his works are now available in paperback or electronically at Beau to Beau Books, a publishing company that also handles the works of fellow PA author Mark Thorton (Bridesmen of Madison County).


Check out Nevada Pines and Lucky Strokes.


Soon to be released are new books The Other House on Elm Street - JUST RELEASED and The Pariah. In the works are a novel based on Madonna's "La Isla Bonita" and one about twin brothers and a summer basketball camp. Look for them soon.

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