ISBN:  978-1-6184-5267-2

Release Date April 02, 2014

Published By: Beau to Beau Publishing


​A Story of Unconditional Love


NASTIES – it gives the hint of something horrible and yet they really are something quite beautiful. At the same time, the inverse is just as real. What is quite beautiful can end up being horrible.






ISBN:  978-1-6184-5263-4

Release Date March 19, 2014

Published By: Beau to Beau Publishing


With green eyes peering out from beneath brunette hair, muscular arms from hours in the swimming pool, broad powerful shoulders, a well-defined muscled chest tapering to a narrow waist accentuated by ribbed abdominal muscles, and long powerful thighs, Kerry has the good looks and body to attract any man or woman. Hanging out in the hot San Diego sun one day, it isn’t long before a man offers him a ride to the beach, and his life is changed forever.


Excerpt: It was almost 9:00 when they arrived at John’s apartment. The setting sun and the brilliant red sky were being completely engulfed in darkness as they mounted the staircase that led down the outside walkway to Apartment 3C. John unlocked the door and motioned Kerry inside. Kerry’s eyes quickly wandered over everything. It was a spacious apartment, spartanly decorated. The living room had a two-piece sectional sofa with a glass-topped coffee table in front of it, a 25-gallon fish tank and a La-Z Boy recliner in the far corner, and topping it off were a few pictures of an erotic nature hung on the walls. Off to the left was a small walk-in kitchen with an eating island and three stools thrusting out in the center like a phallic symbol.






ISBN: 978-1-6184-5261-0

Release Date  March 04, 2014

Published By: Beau to Beau Publishing

Following an over-the-top all gay tour of Europe, Paul settles into his career where he is given free rein to turn rundown properties into gold mines. Thinking outside of the box, he deviates from the norm a little and transforms a desolate place far from the beaten path into a gay resort. With a staff that includes two French hustlers he met in Rome, a blond haired blue eyed Nordic god as a bartender who knows all the right moves, a website where reservations are made at the click of a pine tree icon, not to mention the all important lover that Paul met in Europe, and NEVADA PINES is born. The premier resort for a romantic weekend, a brief getaway for a night to enjoy the amenities, a discreet hook-up, or a menage with many possibilities, but always classy, NEVADA PINES welcomes you!!





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Spring  - 2014


Duncan More has switched publishers and all his works are now available in paperback or electronically at Beau to Beau Books, a publishing company that also handles the works of fellow PA author Mark Thorton (Bridesmen of Madison County).


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Soon to be released are new books LIFE AMONG THE NASTIES and WHEELS OF FORTUNE. Look for them soon.